ABC Machinery Will Attend 123rd Canton Fair ABC Machinery will attend 123rd Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) during Apr.15 th to 19 th 2018. You will have the opportunity to have face-to-face communication with our professional flour mill engineers. Hope to see you there....Read More>>
Saudi Arabia Client Ordered 30tpd Turnkey Flour Mill for Ethiopia A Saudi Arabia client visited our company on Dec. 20 th , 2017. He was planning to set up a 30TPD turnkey flour mill for wheat in Ethiopia....Read More>>
Set Up a Flour Mill in Nigeria Setting up a flour mill represents a lucrative investment opportunity in the food processing industry. A flour mill business is a type of business that consists of processing grains or agricultural produce into flours....Read More>>
ABC Machinery Will Attend 122th China Import and Export Fair ABC Machinery will attend the 122th China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou, China from Oct. 15 to 19, 2017. If you want to learn more about our company, or want to purchase our equipments, pls visit our booth. 122 th China Import and Expo...Read More>>
2T/h Pea Starch Production Line Shipped to Russia In April 2017, the 3T/h pea starch production line was inspected by ABC engineers. The whole pea starch production line includes crusher, centrifugal screen, hydrocyclones, vacuum hydroextractor, and auxiliary equipments....Read More>>
Notice of Copyright Infringement All the content o this site such as logo, photograph, product information, project information and company news is our property and protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. The reproduction of copyright material without the Au...Read More>>
10tpd wheat flour millling line shipped to chile On April 9 th , 2017, the 10TPD wheat flour millling line ordered by Chile client was ready and inspected by our inspectors. The purchasing contract was signed in February....Read More>>
russian client visited for lentil peeling machine test run On March 9 th , 2017, the Russian client visited ABC Machinery for lentil peeling machine test run. The client brought 20kg of lentil, and the yield can reach 70% or more. The client was satisfied with the result and will sign purchasing con...Read More>>
build automatic wheat flour mill plant Automatic wheat flour mill plants are used for cleaning, conditioning, and grinding of wheat. The flour mills are usually built with steel, concrete, and cement for ensuring the maintenance of the machinery for longer duration....Read More>>
119th canton fair ABC Machinery will attend 119 th China Import and Export Fair during April. 15~ 19, 2016. 119 th China Import and Export Fair Date: Phase 1, Apr. 15~19, 2016 Booth: 8.0A05 (the same place as usual) Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex...Read More>>
the importance of the flour milling industry The flour milling industry is a vivacious segment that combines conventional skills with high technology to manufacture an extensive range of flours....Read More>>
new zealand flour mill new progress The 160TPD wheat flour mill factory in New Zealand was about 80% built. It is a wholy PLC control system. It is composed by 160T PD flour mill machine, 7 Flour Tanks and Bran Tanks, 250T*4 Grain Silo, Steel Frame Workshop, Automatic Packing...Read More>>
flour milling line installed A customer just ordered our garlic and onion peeling machine, beans hulling machine, 6FTY-10 wheat flour milling group (10ton/d), fine powder grinder, M6FFC360 Maize mill, and other equipments. Till now, the flour milling line has been insta...Read More>>
10tpd maize flour milling plant shipped to kenya On Sep. 5 th , 2015, our engineers inspected the 10ton/d maize flour milling plant which was shipped to Kenya on Sep. 6 th . All equipments in the maize milling plant were checked and reached standards....Read More>>
flour mill project new zealand half built The 160TPD flour mill project in New Zealand has finished building grain storage silo, flour tank and steel structure till the end of August, 2015. Steel structure Storage silo Storage silo top...Read More>>

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