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Maize flour mill machine is used for corn or maize processing that would be edible and harm-free for human and animal consumption. The milling process starts as soon as the grain is inserted into the machine to be cleaned. The minute the grains are cleaned, the maize go through a conditioning process wherein it is soaked in for a period of time. These two processes are most important among the rest of the milling process, in the meantime the cleaning stage eradicates the dirt and other foreign objects like pebbles, hay, husk, or any small sediments or big particles that are not maize kernels which may contaminate the maize flour as an end product or affect the milling process. The next stage, conditioning, would basically be soaking the cleaned maize in water to create moisture for the maize. After its moisture is locked in, the bran will eventually peel off and create a shavings-like flaky texture upon going through the roller mills. The roller mills, also known as milling plates, will be used as a strainer or sifter which will also give additional weight to the maize.

maize flour mill machine

There are several kinds of roller mill in a maize flour mill machine, let us discuss it one at a time. The roller mill peels the bran off the grain as mentioned above. Single roller mill crashes the maize into a size of a granule while some of the milled product will be powder-like, with the consistency of flour. The granules produced will be placed in the next milling process.

A Double Bin sifter, also known as a Square Pan is an industrial-sized sifter that sorts out the finest particles creating high-quality maize flour. Quality wise, high-end maize flour can be obtained through undergoing a process of de-germinating the raw product subsequent to the roller mill. The Roller Mill produces a higher quality of maize flour mainly due to the long process it undergoes than of other mills such as Disc Mills, Plate Mills, or Hammer Mills.

The Maize Flour Mill Machine can produce different kinds of products that can be sold out in the market for daily consumption.

  • Corn Flour or Corn Meal
  • Grits
  • Micron

There are also different kinds of packaging available for distribution, depending on the supply and demand of the location being distributed.

  • 10 Lbs.
  • 20 Lbs.
  • 50Lbs.
  • 100Lbs.

There are other elements that quality of the final product of Maize flour would depend on, these are the three kinds of sifters. Turbo sifter is the initial sifter the maize would go through right after de-germinating, it has two separators with parallel tube-like screens. Rotary sifter would be the secondary machine which would have finer produce compare to the first sifter mentioned above. Mini-Plan sifters are created for producing the finest products. All these vary sizes, subject to the required amount to be the produce of the Maize Flour Mill Machine. Location or space and electricity is also a subject to be considered when purchasing a Maize Flour Mill Machine, especially if it is for industrial use, different sizes and specifications are available depending on the product and quality that needs to be produced.


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