build automatic wheat flour mill plant

Automatic wheat flour mill plants are used for cleaning, conditioning, and grinding of wheat. The flour mills are usually built with steel, concrete, and cement for ensuring the maintenance of the machinery for longer duration. Before going into the details of how to build automatic wheat flour mill plants, we can understand the basic processes involved in the grinding of wheat. Do you know what flour is? It is the purified material that we are getting from wheat. The purification of wheat involves several steps, in which the most important step is the milling, in which the outer coating of the wheat is removed.

Basically wheat milling process constitutes several steps like storing wheat, cleaning, tempering, grinding, and the final flour storage and blending stage. To build automatic wheat flour mill plant what things do we need? Actually we need a lot of things, first and foremost comes the raw material (that is wheat), then what? Obviously we are not going to put the wheat as itself in the mill plant, right? Before that we need to clean the wheat, make sure that it is devoid of any contaminants. For ensuring the purity of wheat, it is processed through several steps like washing and sorting, conditioning before milling. To build automatic wheat flour mill plant, we need different equipment for processes like washing, conditioning etc.

The first equipment need to build automatic wheat flour mill plant is the equipment for cleaning. This equipment will remove the contaminants like metals, stones, other grains from the wheat. We need magnetic separator to remove iron and metal particles, then a separator for removing parts of woods, other particles larger/smaller than wheat and an aspirator for removing the dust and impurities. The flour wheat mills are using a de-stoner to remove stones with same size as the wheat. Then there is cockle cylinder that used to remove impurities that is longer, or much shorter or in angular shape. There is equipment called scourer to remove the dusts or husks.

After cleaning, the conditioning must be done before milling the wheat. In milling equipment, what happens is that, the paired rolls inside the machinery moving against each other at different speeds in order to crush the wheat. The wheat particles are then introduced into sifters where they are shaken using bolting cloths to separate the larger particles from smaller particles. Then there must be a purifier equipment to purify the crushed wheat. All these processes (not every equipment mentioned above are necessary) are performing inside an automatic wheat flour plant.

160TPD Automatic Wheat Flour Mill Plant in New Zealand
automatic wheat flour mill plant in New Zealand

Why we prefer automatic wheat flour mill plants?

It is because that with their advanced milling technology they can be easily installed and can operate efficiently. For wheat cleaning they adopt screening, threshing, brushing, De-stoning, dampening, magnetic separating, and wet process technologies. Wheat grinds well with the purifier and also every equipment parts have a normal one year guarantee.

We can build automatic wheat flour mill plant on our own. First what? Obviously a place to install our mill plant first. Then select a model with your required production capacity. The main milling processes are breaking, reduction, scratching, bran brushing etc. For performing this operation we will require different equipment’s such as roller mill, double section plan sifter, and conveyor and bran brusher.

Other machinery needed to build automatic wheat flour mill plant are Bucket Elevators, Vibro- Cleaner, De-Stoner Machine Wheat Cleaner, and Emery Wheat Roller along with Water Sprinkler System with Screw Conveyor. Then we will need Wheat Storage Tanks for storing the wheat based on the purpose. Then we will need a 24 Horizontal type Chakki, High Pressure Air Blower, Dust Collectors, Plan Sifter, Air Locks, All Pipeline and Fittings along with other accessories and fittings (Bearings, Blocks, Pulleys, Sockets, Vee-Belts, Flat Belts, Grease, Bolts, Washers, Belt Fasteners, Bends, and all other Spare Parts).

Select a plant model to satisfy your space and other requirements. Power requirement is the other major factor that needs to consider while building automatic flour mill plant. Supply the enough power required for working the machinery. Before choosing anything random, analyze your requirements thoroughly and select machinery based on production capacity and flour quality.


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