160tpd wheat flour mill in new zealand

This is the latest wheat flour mill plant we are building in New Zealand. The capacity is 160tpd. It includes steel frame workshop, wheat silos, flour tanks, automatic packing machine and PLC control system.
Now the silo and flour tank have been installed. The next step will be steel structure workshop installation.

160tpd wheat flour mill in new zealand

installing wheat silo

installing silo


wheat flour mill new zealand workshop

  • On Apr. 13th, 2015, the customer visited KMEC and inspected the high plansifter. Click here to see details.
  • On Apr. 24th, 2015, KMEC engineers inspected PLC system, cleaning equipments and packaging machines for this complete plant. See more.
  • The grain storage silo, flour tank and steel structure were finished building on Aug. 2015. More details>>
  • Till Jan. 2016, this flour mill plant is about 80% built. More details about the plant>>
  • The plant was finished building in April, 2016 and put into production. Read more about this project>>

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